Through quiltmaking I create abstract art, which is informed by the complex relationship between the natural and artificial world, internal musings, spirituality, and repetitive patterns.  My intent is to create pieces that allow the viewer to have the freedom and license to interpret from their own reservoir of life experience.  And that being said, also allow the viewer to experience what is without applying any meaning at all!

By using solid cloth I find that I can influence the interplay of artistic elements to be more pronounced, dynamic, and personally pleasing.  Fabric without pattern creates a hard-edge visual definition and allows me to focus on line, shape, composition, and color. The design possibilities and color combinations are as endless as one’s imagination.

An additional component of the creative process that I enjoy is dyeing my own fabrics.  This allows me to have unique and custom colors and the process of transforming white cloth into brilliant hues is invigorating and adds a personalized element to my pieces.

I create fiber art as it is my therapy, zen, joy, and a visual expression and honoring of my inner landscape. Rarely does a finished piece resemble the initial concept as I respond to the artwork as the composition develops.  Because of the mystery of the outcome I am eager to create.  Every.  Single.  Day.