Blog post by Carol Ann Waugh

Recently my wonderful friend, Carol Ann Waugh, wrote about my solo show and work on her blog post. Here is what she had to say:

My good friend, Diana Fox, has a solo exhibit at the Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado.

I attended her opening reception and was amazed at the power of seeing many of her pieces exhibited together. Diana dyes all her own fabrics and the colors were subtle, her compositions bold, and her artistic expression clear.

In fact, I bought a small piece I loved called Tweet Storm. Not only for it's contemporary name in today's environment, but for the energy and colors that made my heart sing. I wanted to acquire the large piece shown in this photo but it was already sold! ;-(

If you live in Colorado or are coming to visit, don't miss this exhibit! Her are the details:

Foothills Art Center
809 15th St
Golden, CO
September 12-October 20, 2019